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Holistic quality management

A further important milestone was achieved with the certification of our quality management system acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. We see this as an incentive and encouragement to fulfil your wishes and requirements to give you complete customer satisfaction.

Sustainable quality assurance

Our technical personnel inspect the incoming and outgoing goods, and perform further quality assurance measures. In addition to customer and internal inspection requirements, depending on the specifications, further inspections are performed acc. to the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 3497
  • DIN EN ISO 2819
  • DIN EN ISO 4521
  • DIN EN ISO 60068-2-20



X-ray fluorescence
measurement devices



Determination of an unknown concentration (e.g. cyanide in a silver bath) with a known standard solution and an indicator.


The concentration of a sample (e.g. wastewater) with reagents is determined via the wave length of the light beam.


The sample to be determined is introduced to an inductively coupled argon plasma using a spray system. This determines all metals present in the sample.

0 m3/h

Supply air and extracted air

Environment and


  • Recirculation enables the multiple use of rinsing water.
  • Rinsing and evaporation losses in the process are replenished with demineralised water.
  • Strict compliance of limit values is ensured through the additional use of inline analysers which are installed downstream of the batch treatment.


  • Draught air is eliminated via recycled heat which is created in the generation of compressed air and the waste air purification plants. Only a small amount of external power is required to eliminate draughts.
  • The air in the production area is completely replaced 5 times per hour to create an ideal working environment for our employees.


  • Efficient generation of compressed air.
  • Use of the exhaust heat of compressors and exhaust air systems to eliminate draught air on the strip plating lines
  • Photovoltaic system to exploit solar power

Wastewater Treatment

Compressed air preparation

Media supply

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